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possible uri?

  1. P


    My guinea pigs are being treated for a possible URI, and we got doxycycline today to give with the Baytril for ten days. First of all, to anyone who's every gotten doxycycline, is it usually so expensive? Mines was 108 US dollars. Secondly, they are each getting .5 mL of Baytril twice daily, and...
  2. P

    How fast can a URI form?

    We just went to the vet today, where my guinea pigs' lungs were checked. The vet said they sounded completely clear and fine, so we took them back home and they were/and still are being amazingly active and themselves. However during floortime, one of my piggies sneezed twice hard-sneezes in a...
  3. P

    Crusty eye?

    My guinea pigs recovered from a URI about two weeks ago. Yesterday, we picked them up from a four-night stay at my grandma's house. After bringing them back home, I noticed one of my piggies had a bit of white crust in the inner corner of her eye. Although a bit sleepy, she was acting and eating...
  4. Acy

    Sniffling And Sneezing Guniea Pig

    Hey there! I had recently purchased a guinea pig from a pet store and upon purchasing her I knew she had a small bit of crusties on her nose. Her breathing was fine, no eye crusts and she was very alert and active. They had just got done switching her over from where they keep the new ones they...