1. S

    Do I wait to take my pregnant guinea pig to the vet?

    I was sold a pregnant guinea pig without my knowledge, and she’s developed what I believe to be a URI. She’s cackling and occasionally sneezes. I plan on taking her in no matter what, but the problem is, she’s an extremely stressed and skittish pig! She is afraid of everything, and that’s no...
  2. T

    I think my guinea pig is pregnant?

    Hi, I'm not a native English speaker so sorry if I screw the grammar or something. I bought my 2 Guinea pigs on October, almost November, I remember seeing that both were females, but now in January I've been noticing that molotov, one of my guineas, is kind of big and pear shaped, something...
  3. Incredipigs

    Help! - Bleeding from the bum

    So I noticed yesterday my 5 year old guinea pig, Charity had some kind of abcess on her cheek. Today she is heavily bleeding from her front bum. The blood is bright red. I can't get her to the vet until Tuesday. My grandma reckons she is having a baby. There is a chance she could have been...
  4. JuliaDunne

    Pregnant Male Piggy?!

    Hi! Was looking for some advice really, we bought 2 piggies for our sons 3 months ago (spiderpig & batpig) obviously i had nothing to do with their naming! But in the last few days we’ve noticed spider pig getting a lot rounder! We were told they were boys.....can anyone offer any advice...
  5. DylElla

    Possible Pregnancy

    just over a week ago one of my boars escaped into the enclosure with my two girls. He wasn’t in there in the morning, I went out for the day then when I went in around late evening I found him in there so I don’t know how long he was with them. The girls are both nearly 2 years old and I...
  6. Squidgypigs

    Our Squidgypigs (including New Freead Rescues)

    Our original duo (named by my daughter) Ethel-Seal The Poo Banana Peppa Pea Pirate Soup The 3/2/2016 rescues (freead piggies - went for two young sows came back with four mature sows, all in bad condition, two obviously pregnant, and a boar. (we have space, veg & friendly vet). Blondie...