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puffed up

  1. G

    Baytril Concerns- Possible UTI? (Urgent)

    Hello all! I have a guinea pig named Meeko; she is 5.5 years old! I adopted her from a rescue since she was a month old, so I have watched her through all of her life stages! This past weekend, I noticed that she was sitting hunched/fluffed out in her pigloo. (It's clear so it was easy to see...
  2. biotechanna

    Poor piggy still ill after a month

    Hi, I'm posting regarding my 3.5yo guinea pig, Lazarus. He started to show symptoms about a month ago (loss of appetite, puffed up fur, lethargy, pooping less, crusty eyes). As soon as he started showing symptoms, I brought him to the vet. He did a course of Baytril for a URI and Terramycin eye...
  3. C

    Possible Pain/Illness?

    Hi, I've posted here before and I really enjoy this forum. I came back here for advice on my piggy, Fred. Last night, him and his cage mate were begging for food like always. Fred likes to grind his teeth against the cage. I sometimes do this thing where I poke my fingers/toes in the cage to...
  4. R

    Short Hair Guinea Pig, Not eating with puff up hairs? Help?

    This morning I went out to my guinea pigs to feed them and usually when they hear me coming they come to the front of the cage. This time only one came up to the cage and I found the other guinea pig in his tiny house. His fur was all puffed up and his eyes were barely open, I tried to give...
  5. Siikibam

    Puffing up

    I hope this is the right place. I’ve noticed recently that our boys puff up when they’re eating. It doesn’t happen at any other time. Though yesterday I did see Toffee had puffed up and was just relaxing. Is it normal? As said it only seems to be when theyreeating (their veg).
  6. Elgifu321

    Possible Kidney Disease?

    So at the beginning of September I lost my beautiful boy Oswyn and his cagemate Rupert was lonely so I got two new baby boars and Rupert popcorned and played zoomies and was so happy to have new piggy friends it was lovely to watch... But when Oswyn died, I'd noticed Rupert was a touch...