1. S

    Grease gland

    Hi guys 👋🏻 Recently we lost one of our guinea pigs leaving our other one lonely and honestly really down, so we made the decision to get two new buddies for him pretty soon afterwards. I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or not but I like to get the two pups out and give them a good check over...
  2. eednasnaus

    Pup weight?

    Hi guys! Sorry, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I'm worried for my babies. After doing some more research, I found out that our little piggies are underweight. I read that piggies weight should be at least 250 grams at 3 weeks. I was searching for more posts in this...
  3. Taylor S

    Lethargic Guinea Pigs & Death..

    Hello, I've tried browsing the forums but I couldn't find what I needed so here goes.. So in the summer this year (August) I rescued some guinea pigs, 5 months of age, supposedly 3 females.. Well, my two sow guinea pigs recently had pups (over a month ago in October). The boar is now...
  4. A

    Pups Are Sick! Unknown Illness

    14 days ago my piggie gave birth to 3 live babies (2 girls 1 boy) and 1 stillborn boy. Everything was going great until about 4 days ago when mummy got the runs and I didn't realise how serious she had it until the next day when she, well she had some soft of fit and just passed away... the...
  5. L

    New Additions: Gus And Moe!

    Meet Gus and Moe! We got a week ago. Since they've arrived home, both boys have been so sweet. Gus is more outgoing, and was the first out of the two to walk near the side of the cage and sniff us. Moe has been a little more skittish and likes to follow Gus around. They both seem to be coming...
  6. teddyandgus

    Are My Pups Over Eating?

    I have two baby boy piggies, one is 9 weeks and the other one is 11 weeks, I feed them what I think is quite a lot but they only seem to eat leafy greens, they won't really eat pepper, Apple, carrot etc. So I usually give them a handful of spinach (which is their absolute favourite), a handful...