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  1. rinlalin

    Guinea Pig Purring? Happy or Angry?

    I just got a guinea pig a couple days ago and found out about 3 hours after I got him, that when I lightly scratch his back he purrs. theres a video here for you guys to analyze. is he happy with the scratches, or is he angry? also please give me tips on how to make him feel comfortable and...
  2. N

    Dominance Behaviour Question

    So I have two sows and they've been together in the same cage for over a year. They're quite friendly with each other; the only issues they've ever had is that one doesn't like being touched much by the other. They've never had a fight before. Today, I noticed that the eldest (older by a year...
  3. Jennybug89

    Question About Her "purring"

    So I've googled piggy sounds and watch lots of videos to try get an idea of happy or stressed sounds. Everytime I jingle my keys she makes short purr like outbursts. In fact it's one of the few sounds I've ever heard her make. Is it a bad one? I've tried to upload a video but it keeps saying the...
  4. VeganIzzy

    Guinea Pig Stressed And Horny

    So I got two Guinea Pigs yesterday, they are sisters. I handled one today, Parsnip, and she was happy to be out of the cage, however upon Parsnip leaving, Raisin began running around and biting on the cage, so I put Parsnip back in. I am worried however as Raisin has been what seems to be...
  5. Nat_Piggy

    Piggy Climbing!

    Hiya! I noticed that every time I have lap-time with S'mores, she'll sit on my lap for about one minute while I pet her, and then scramble up my shirt and onto my shoulder. She burrows into my hair. She will nip the back of my neck, although she rarely does that and usually just moves around...
  6. paulalovespiggies

    The Holy Grail Of Guinea Pigs...

    ... So I bathed my piggies and straight after I bundled them up in warm towels to dry them off. I had Percy on my knee for a wee cuddle and was rubbing him all over to get him dried, and he... PURRED! Proper purred! It was actually the best thing ever. It's my mission to get him to purr again...