• You can find lots of information on how to settle in, understand your new guinea pigs in our New Owners Guide Collection but please ask any questions you have in Wannabe and New Owners' section.


  1. K

    New Guinea Pigs Settling In

    i have 2 males, I got them last week and one is setting in well (and seems to be the boss!) and making lots of noise and exploring and eating well.. the other one is very quiet, barely makes any noise and just hides in his hutch and doesn't appear to be eating as well as the other one. They are...
  2. L

    Bullying Guineapigs

    hi so i have 2 guinea pigs, one long hair and one short. I got them in August 2016 and they were born in May 2016. I bought them together so they knew each other but one of them developed an abces and we took her to the vet who drained it and then it re grew and popped on its own accord, she...