1. A

    New GP owner needs help

    Just a couple of days ago i became a GP owner and i need some advice for a housing situation. My GP, Hilda, was gifted to me for my birthday and i immediatly started informing myself about everything she needs and how to take care of her properly. So, i read GP need about 8 Sq.Ft. of living...
  2. J

    How to extend my shop bought cage?

    Hi, I was hoping to get some suggests/advice on how to give our guinea pigs a bit more room. We bought 2 girls (6 weeks old) about a month ago, and got a 110cm by 50cm cage for them. We also got a 50cm by 90cm run. Ideally, I'd like to connect the cage to the run so the girls can use it while...
  3. W

    Tips for ramp use

    Hey! I just got my two piggies, they are 10 weeks old and really settling into their new house well. They haven't used their loft yet, does anyone have any tips to get them to climb this ramp? Thanks so much!
  4. R

    New Bigger Cage, Piggie Refuses To Use Ramps. Need Advice.

    Hello, I am new to this site and in need of advice. My wife and I just decided to upgrade our Guinea Pigs cage and are having trouble transitioning her into it. The old cage was the Midwest Habitat Cage, and we purchased the Midwest Habitat Plus to add onto it. It has this divider to separate...
  5. C

    Teaching Guinea pigs to use a ramp?

    My piggies are only babies I got them on Friday but I have extended their cage out to give them constant floor space. They just don't know how to use the ramp? I have covered it in veggies and they seem to stretch their bodies up and grab the veggies from the top then scoot back down. Has anyone...
  6. Kiko+Peanut

    Second Floor? Ramp Materials and More?

    I am thinking about building a loft. I want to have it removable and I want the ramp to not be so steep. What is everyone using? Pics and advice are greatly appreciated.
  7. Chestnut&Hazel

    Teaching Piggies To Use A Ramp?

    I have a 2 story hutch for my 2 pigs but only one will use the ramp? Both will go up it but only one down again. We have already adapted it to a more tunnel shape to try and help, temped her with food and her sister being at the bottom. We have literally tried everything but she is still...
  8. Jo S

    Guinea Pig In Season Advice

    Hi We have had our two sister piggies for just over a year – they are now about 15 months old. They have always got on well. About 3 months ago we got a new cage with two levels. It has a ramp which neither of them will go up but one of them (Peanut) will go down. In the mornings we feed both...
  9. Kallasia

    Ramps In Guinea Pigs Cage

    Adding a second storey to your pigs’ pen can be a great way to increase their living space. However, you need to do it right or they won’t use it! Here are some general tips and also how I made mine :) yawn – Binky sleeping upstairs away from Errol charging around downstairs Steepness Guinea...