1. Tinychels

    Guinea pigs living indoors with rats :(

    Hello! Just recently I have gotten 3 piggies, Akira, Ruby, and Athena living with me. I’ve got them the C&C cage (without the cover) with the stand (made out of grids) and its been great as the piggies have more space to run & i have room to store their food under their stand. In my house...
  2. Guineapigfeet

    Off On Holiday

    Me and my OH are going away tomorrow for nearly two weeks and I'm just a back from dropping my girls off at 'Aunty Catrina's' . Three pigs have *so much stuff*! And I even downsized their cage! I know they'll be well looked after by Catrina and her little boy (who has good small animal manners...
  3. sparkle

    Guinea Pigs Questions.

    Recently I have been thinking about moving my guinea pigs from outdoors to indoors. I have already asked about this however, I am now trying to think a bit about the space I have and other animals I may be getting in the future. I have a few questions and I would really appreciate it if anyone...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Embarrassed Myself In P@h

    I feel so stupid now. I was in Pets at Home getting nuggets for the pigs and I always have a little look at the animals in the adoption centre. There was a beautiful rabbit called Ollie, not sure what type of rabbit but he was absolutely huge, and only about 2. I asked a member of staff how...
  5. orangeinepig

    Persuading Dad For Rats?

    How can I persuade my dad to let me get some rats? I am asking this as there are 5 rats at my work that keep having babies and the pet store can't do anything with them so they will go for snake food or just chucked out (once killed) so I really want to save them. I am not saying the pet store...