1. Siikibam

    Aubiose or easibed

    As most of you know the piggies are now living outside (yes I still miss them!). when I put them out I used easibed and piled hay on top. But now I’ve run out I’ve got a bit of a dilemma. I REALLY LOVED aubiose but it set me off. I also like easibed but recently had a painful chest. I’m not...
  2. G

    Skinny Pigs & Allergies? Please Help

    My family had a beautiful long-haired Peruvian Piggie that died at 6 years old in 2011. I was so upset over losing her that I never planned on getting another "replacement" piggy. But today I just happened to be at a pet store and fell in love with a little black skinny pig. We brought her home...