1. Laurenmay

    Where can I get the best F10 solutions?

    Hi everyone, my Vet has told me that my pig needs nebulizing with F10 ready-made antiseptic solution however I'm a bit of a lost cause on where to get the solution from. If anyone has any recommendations they would be very much appreciated. :D
  2. dannif_piggies

    Looking for people's opinions...

    For a while I've been wanting to change to "reusable puppy pads" for under my girls fleeces. Has anyone done this? And what are their thoughts. I really like using regular puppy pads for absorbing, but I'm trying to make the pigs as environmentally friendly as possible, and this is a big part of...
  3. The Chipmunks

    Food Bowls

    Hi, I have a very boisterous guinea pig and he used to have a china bowl in his cage for his dry food and then another for his fresh food. However, he likes to tip the bowls up (inparticular his dry food bowl) and he flips them on to each other. I was cared he would crack of break the bowl so I...