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  1. Annelle

    Bad Reintroductions And When To Stop Trying

    My name is Annelle - an enthusiastic new Guinea Pig parent. I have two little boys (less than 6 months old,) named Banjo and Snoopy. I intended to stop there until I was at a Petco and felt horrible for a bigger male who was being kept alone in the small cage. My heart when out to him and I...
  2. Easneyelass

    Problems Reintroducing Boar To Two Other Boars Following Separation Due To Illness

    Hi there. We have three male guinea pigs that we got from a rescue centre as 8 week olds. They are not related as far as we know! They are now about 6 months old. They have got on well together on the whole with the normal dominance behaviours between two of them. One of the more dominant boars...