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    Constant sneezing, crackly breathing, URI?

    Hi! So let's get straight to the point, I'm really stressed. I have two guinea pigs, Popcorn and Pumpkin. Yesterday, I noticed Pumpkin was sneezing quite a bit. I wasn't monitoring too closely though, I just kept hearing her sneeze. It was usually one sneeze every time, but it was minimum 10...
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    Palm oil, soy oil, and baking soda?

    I just bought gripe water for my Piggie who tends to get gassy every now and then, but some of the ingredients I've never heard of before. It includes vegetable glycerin, which I heard could be either palm, soy , or coconut oil. I know coconut oil is fine, but can guinea pigs eat palm oil and...
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    Crackling and a bit of sneezing? Please reply soon

    Yesterday a lifted one of my piggies up to my ear, and listened to her stomach/chest area. I heard what sounded like crackling noises, light but definitely there. I couldn't hear them if I didn't press my head to her though. Today, I listened again, and they were the same, except for the fact...
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    URI troubles!

    My piggies started getting treated for URI three days ago with Baytril. The last URI (ab a month ago) was also treated with Baytril, and all the symptoms went away within the second day of Baytril. This is now the third, almost fourth day and although they aren't worsening (at least I do not...