respiratory issues

  1. Pig_mum

    Ongoing respiratory issues with new guinea pig

    Hi Everyone, In early November 2020, we sadly lost our guinea pig Primrose to what we suspect was a complication with bladder stones. A few weeks later, we adopted a baby sow as a companion for our older sow, Nancy. We got the baby sow from a local rescue in Peterborough called PinnyGigs (which...
  2. N

    Loud breathing

    My guinea pig, nugget, has been breathing really loud and sneezing very often. Is it respiratory problems? Listen to the file below please and tell me.
  3. Hiitshannah

    Weird grunting noise affecting 2 piggies, but not a URI?

    Around 2 weeks ago my 4 year old male pig Nutmeg started making a weird grunting noise - the same noise older piggies make when they clean themselves but repeated for a few minutes at a time, it was only happening while he was eating and occasionally whilst sleeping, and went on for about 6...