1. Guineapigfeet

    Sweet Green Cookies

    Just taken delivery of some more hay and couldn’t resist trying their new Sweet Green meadow hay cookies. The girls liked the sweet green hay when I bought it, but I didn’t get on with it as I couldn’t tell if it had been peed on, so ended up throwing soooo much away and they wouldn’t eat it...
  2. Julie M

    Forage Basket From Pah. Review

    Well I purchased 2 forage baskets from pets at home. These were placed into the boys cages on 31st October. Today this is what they look like. The one on the left (well what's left of it) was Peanut and Buddy's and the one on the right was Mango and Mojitos. Mojito has loved nibbling the bark...
  3. Mother Hubbard

    Back 2 Nature

    Bedding For Guinea Pigs - Overview So my usual supplier of Aubiose isn't selling any further unless you specifically order in. Being as I've been away and this is my first full day I'm naturally giving all the fur balls a full check, nail clip and change of bedding but i needed new stuff...
  4. Guineapigfeet

    Grainless Pellet Samples?

    I'm looking to change my girls over to a Grainless pellet and I was wondering if any forum member (s) in the UK would be willing to send a small sample of the type they use? I'd be particularly looking for: Bunny GuineapigDream, JRFarm Versele-Laga Complete One brand in particular is quite...
  5. Elgifu321

    Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets?

    Caspar (my baby teddy boar) and Ronan (my baby texel boar: tonights addition, a lone runt that nobody, including the breeder wanted so I couldn't help myself) were both fed heygates rabbits choice pellets as well as refugees (which I feed a bit of alongside Timothy hay) before I got them so I...