ring worm

  1. Livvysquish

    Scab/cut formed in a week

    Hey, does anybody have any idea what this could be? It has appeared in the past week. At first it was a sore nose/crusty on the tip not notrils and her eyes sore and then it went red. Then a a day after I noticed this on her side. Her eyes are fine but her side is spreading. From when I first...
  2. Annie Robbins

    Ring worm and furniture

    Hey everyone, My three girls have ring worm. They have been seen by the vet and they are on anti- fungal oral medication. I have cleaned and disinfected their cage, toys, potties, bedding, and houses. My pigs have free range of my house for floor time. They go under my couch and chairs...
  3. PiggyMamma1117

    Scab or dry spot on piggy's back? Or maybe fungal infection?

    Hello! I noticed a little bump underneath my piggy's fur when petting him (pictures included below). I had to dig around a bit, but when I did I found a weird spot on his skin. It almost looks as if a tiny piece of a wig was glued to a bald spot on him... He has been at the vet's office...
  4. dannif_piggies

    Suspected Ringworm

    Certainly not a post I wanted to be making just a day after the new arrival, but here we are, these things happen... the new little girl has a crusty patch on her back, I suspect it to be ring worm, popped her straight back in the cage and antibacterial washed my hands and up my arms. I've got...
  5. TheLottiediarys

    Home Remedy For Ringworm?

    I'm searching a bit about treating ringworm because I suspect that Aurora has it and the vets just keep telling me it's skin problems she's been pigeon holed as having >:(. While researching I've come across this Guinea Pig website that states using anti dandruff shampoo and anti fungal creams...