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  1. M

    Abandoned mice-please help

    Hi everyone I am a new member but regularly come to this forum for piggie advice and you guys are so friendly and helpful so I need your help! A strange thing happened this evening. I went for a Sunday evening walk when I saw someone get out their car and put a cardboard box on the ground near...
  2. D

    Which rodent species can be kept in the same room as guinea pigs?

    Hi I currently own a pair of gerbils and I am hoping to get some guinea pigs in the near future. I was just wondering if theses animals can be kept in the same room (in separate cages)? Are they likely to pass diseases to one another? Would they disturb or stress each other? Further in the...
  3. basicpiggies

    Giving A New Guinea Pig Medicine

    Hi. I’m taking one of my new guinea pigs to the vet because I suspect she may have a URI. I’m not 100%, but I’m leaning more towards she does than she doesn’t. The problem is she is still adjusting to her environment and is completely terrified of me. I need advice on how to quickly &...
  4. Guineapigfeet

    Funny Bird On The Feeder

    We had a new visitor to our feeders today. So cute! Now off to Longacres to get a new squirrel baffle! As lovely as I think mouse-birds are, I don't really want to encourage them too much as one of my neighbours is a bit poison-happy :-( . Fortunately for the mice, they live under the other...