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  1. T

    Irregular working hours and guinea pig routine

    Hiya :) I'm hoping to get some Guinea pigs soon but I read that they like a routine. Unfortunately, I do shift work so won't be able to feed them at the same time every day. Will this be too disruptive? One day I could be feeding them at 5am, the next not until 9am. I live in a shared house...
  2. Munching Maniac

    What’s a good routine for two boars in summer

    Is anyone willing to share their routines with me so I can create one myself. I have two healthy boars!
  3. G

    Daily Routine

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). Due to this forum, I now know that guinea pigs love routine. I’ve made a sample routine and was wondering if it’s ok. This is just for summer btw. I will be skipping vegetables since they have soft poop...
  4. Lil3piggies

    Transition From Inside To Out!

    Hello! More questions I’m afraid haha. So we currently have Arty in a hutch indoors (he is getting a friend very soon!) the hutch was intended for outdoors but I sweet talked my other half into letting it stay in the spare room but he keeps saying about it going outside in the better weather...
  5. UhreGuineas

    Long Hair Care!

    Hey everyone! I recently adopted a baby long hair guinea pig. I was wondering what hair care is needed when she is older! I am not a 100% sure what long hair breed she is but I believe she is a silkie(Sheltie) if that helps! I want my little girl to have the locks of a angel, so throw it all...
  6. Bella123


    Hi, I was just wondering if routine worming is neccessary for guinea pigs? Thanks
  7. ChloeCee98

    Full Of Cold And Got A Grumpy Pig!

    My guineapig Noodle is in such a bad mood with me I'm full of cold so literally just going in and sitting near them and talking to them. My partners helping by giving them their food and water but I don't want them to get upset and feel like I've abandoned them My voice has gone too so when I...
  8. VeganIzzy

    Guinea Pig Routines?

    This was also posted in another category but I received no replies so am searching for hope in this one! I am getting two Guinea Pigs tomorrow, they're boys and both are two and a half. They're from a friend who couldn't look after them any longer. I was reading upon routines and schedules, and...
  9. SingyPiggys

    Need A Guinea-pig Routine!?

    Hi! I really need a detailed guinea-pig routine. One that says all off the times and everything. I would go to school from 8:30-4:00 so I need it to fit round there. I also need one for the weekend as well. I've tried many different routines for my guinea-pigs but I am finding it really hard. I...
  10. SingstarPiggies

    Need Guinea Pig Routine!?

    Hi, I seriously need a loose guinea-pig routine that fits into my school day with a lot of detail please! :D Thanks, (sorry I know this is short) Emma x