1. Danielle Smith

    Ovarian Cysts Apparently Resolved, But Behaviour Continues + Other Physical Symptoms

    My girl Tablet started showing signs of ovarian cysts a few months ago after her babies were weaned; complete change of behaviour (previously very quiet, not the rumbling humping terror she is now), fat redistribution, crusty nipples. No noticeable hair loss, but she is a sheltie. I took her to...
  2. Guineapigfeet

    Season Time!

    BB and Rey joined forces last night, even Chewie got in on the act a little bit! Bit of a shame the tunnel got in the way!
  3. 2

    Keeping A Mom And Baby Together?

    I adopted a mom and a baby from the Animal Humane Society. The mum is 1 year old, and the baby is around 4 weeks. The mother has been rumble strutting, which is normal... but today, she has been seemingly ATTACKING her baby! The baby gives out these horrible shrills, so I usually take her out to...
  4. KenspppPets

    The Best Cat Food Box In The World! Video

    My boys think this box is literally the best box in the world. They can't decide who will be king of the box, hence the teeth chattering from Archie and the rumblestrutting from Otto! Ps don't be jealous of them because they are so handsome! :luv:
  5. Amyscoobybarnie

    Help! Do My Piggies Get On And Can You Explain The Strange Behaviour

    Hi, Havent posted for a while. I have had scooby and Barnie for 1 year 4 months. I cant work out who is the dominant one. Scooby often shows the signs by mounting Barnie and rubble stutting around him but when food (veggies) is involved Barnie will take food off Scooby or if I put my hand...
  6. Brandy

    Submissive Guinea Pig Now Wants To Be Dominant

    I have two female guinea pigs. When I first introduced them to each other, it was pretty clear that CC was the dominant guinea pig and Poppy was the submissive one. They have been getting along up until a couple of days ago when Poppy started to express dominance towards CC. Both of them have...