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rumbling stomach

  1. amelchor005

    Guinea pig stomach gurgling good or bad?

    Hello, I just adopted two guinea pigs a couple of weeks ago from los angeles guinea pig rescue and they came out to be good and healthy guinea pigs. Anyways, not so long ago I heard the youngest guinea pig (called Apple) stomach gurgling sometimes during the night around 11 pm. As a new guinea...
  2. T

    Help! Refusing critical care and gurgling

    Hi, my 3 y/o female piggie has started to refuse critical care. We went to the vet with her yesterday as she was only eating veggies and grass, and had very loose stools. The vet gave us critical care bc she wouldn't eat hay and said her teeth were fine, she's just recovering from a tummy bug...
  3. Jaycey

    Jon Snow - Digestive Issues

    Jon Snow has had digestive issues his whole life and a few of you may remember that I decided to have his poop tested a few weeks ago. I got the results a couple of days ago and so we went to the vet. Since sending the poop for testing he has been slowly losing weight, despite eating lots, and...