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  1. Fiona1987

    Poop getting stuck

    Evening everyone. just a quick question about my male piggy. I think I’ve read somewhere this is a common thing but can’t seem to find the thread anywhere 🤷🏼‍♀️. this past week or so I’ve been noticing my boar is trapping his poops inside his sac. I found around 3 today and had to pull them...
  2. HeatherW


    I made my piggies a new toy yesterday and Jasmine seems to have taken to it already! I can't tell if she has her eyes closed, but it's pretty close. :D Thanks to Wiebke for the pinned link to Spikes kleine Welt. :)
  3. CraigGlasgow

    Hibiscrub Safe For Sack Cleaning?

    Hey all, Just seen a new vet who seemed a bit confused about her meds (she mixed up septrin and emeprid several times until I pointed it out) and wanted to check something. Weasley's had a few good days but back to soft poops and calcium sludge, and has also started showing a thick, yellowish...