sad mummy

  1. Julie M

    Mojito Is Poorly. Uri

    I've had Mojito at the vets tonight as he's not himself today. His breathing is fast and he has a crackle in his chest. The vet gave him antibiotics and an anti inflammatory infections. I've also put him in the carrier with the steaming solution f10 too. He's not eating too great so I've...
  2. Robynnlouu

    My Poor Boy.

    so unfortunately this morning my little boy had to be put down. I had only had him a week but he was the most outgoing, gentle and lovely boy. but pets at home sold me a guinea pig with a birth defect which meant he could not poop. I even told them to check both my boys before i bought them...
  3. kerri Davidson

    Very Ill Guinea Piggy, Please Help

    Hi there, My 1 year old little guinea pighad became very ill suddenly. When i went down on Tuesday morning at 6:30 he was hiding in his house, which really isnt like him, but i fed and watered him as usual. Came home from work at 6:30pm, 12 hours later, and no nuggets, hay or water had been...