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  1. Yorisou

    Need Bedding Alternatives, Please Help!

    Hey all, so i'm in a little bit of a pickle with what to use as bedding. I was using sawdust, but i have an allergy to it, and also the hay they eat. I switched to orchard hay and it seems to have helped although its a lot more expensive! But i'm still rather allergic to the dust with sawdust...
  2. Charlotte behan

    Easi Chick

    Hi guys, does anyone have any experience using easi chick in their cages? while i'm home from uni my mum wanted me to use sawdust bedding instead of fleece because she doesn't like me washing them in her washer but i'm scared it will cause respiratory problems and my friend told me about easichic.
  3. Chloe.123

    Sawdust Getting Stuck...

    I'm having issues with one of my boars getting sawdust stuck in his bits... it's usually stray bits of hay but yesterday there was LOADS of sawdust stuck. I'm not enjoying pulling it out and I can tell he isn't either! Does anyone else have this issue and what can I do? :help:
  4. Joannajars

    Opinions On Housing & Bedding

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering what personal opinions people had in regards to what bedding is best for Guineas I have a rescue abysinthian named Geoff who is about 1 and I successfully paired him with 6month old kiwi Afew months ago! I currently have them living in a large store bought...