1. Charleighspig

    Guinea pig scab

    Hello I just purchased my first piggies 2 days ago and they are very sweet. They are 8 weeks old. One has a scab I’m not sure what it is but she came with it, any ideas?
  2. R

    Guinea pig with painful lump on lower back/leg

    My mother was helping me groom my pigs and was brushing one of my boars until he cried in pain. She found the spot that was upsetting him though unfortunately couldn't see the lump properly because of his hair and his squirming, though my mum commented it felt scab like and was hard. We never...
  3. TheOriginalBubble&Squeak

    Scabs and spots on my guinea pig....

    I regularly look at my long-haired guinea pigs coat, due to grooming them everyday and have recently come across these... I am a new guinea Piggie owner and so am very concerned and worried.... Can anybody help?