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scab on back

  1. P

    Scab on piggie's back - not sure if ring worm or mites?

    Hey all, I've found a scab on my piggie's back (left hand side just after her front leg) and not sure what it is. She's had a few ringworm breakouts in the last few months, but has been in the clear for ~3 months now. I've noticed she's itching this spot a fair bit & also has dandruff...
  2. 6

    Guinea Pigs Scabs

    Hi, we recently adopted two guinea pig sisters from a woman who could not care for them anymore, due to allergies. Yesterday, I realized that the two guinea pigs had scabs on their backs, and they were in the same spot on either pig. I'm not too sure what the scabs are or mean, but I just want...
  3. S

    Bad rash on guinea pigs butt

    Hi I got my guinea pig from petco a couple of weeks ago and she started developing a scab that soon turned into a bald spot and is sort of bleeding, I’m worried and confused if it’s mange or ringworm, she doesn’t have any hair loss anywhere else but that place. I started treating her for...
  4. A

    Mites & can't get to Vet

    I have 3 guinea pigs, and my eldest, Alex seems to have dry patches of skin that seem to be almost scab-like? Looking on the forum it's likely that this is mites, but I'm not totally sure and want to check with a vet before trying to treat him. Unfortunately, my family and I are currently in...
  5. A

    Cancer? Scab? Skin infection? Please give advice

    Hello again! Since i got my guinea pig about month ago he has had this scab on his lower back. First I didn’t really think it could be something bad but now I'm getting worried. I'm going to describe the scab/wound: it is not bleeding, the scab is very soft when it peels off and it takes a pretty...
  6. PiggyMamma1117

    Scab or dry spot on piggy's back? Or maybe fungal infection?

    Hello! I noticed a little bump underneath my piggy's fur when petting him (pictures included below). I had to dig around a bit, but when I did I found a weird spot on his skin. It almost looks as if a tiny piece of a wig was glued to a bald spot on him... He has been at the vet's office...
  7. beautifulcat83

    Patch of hair loss

    Hi I’ve had guinea pigs in the past but it’s been at least 10 years since my last piggies passed. We have since adopted three girls who are three years old. Fuzzy my teddy piggie has lost a patch of fur - I haven’t noticed any scratching etc ... any ideas? :( Thank you x
  8. Charlottibiscot

    Weird scab with spur like thing on piggies back

    I was stroking my 6 year old female guinea pig and found a small blackish scab on her back, along with what looks like a spur. It is painful for her if I tap it even lightly. I'm not sure whether it is something like mange or not because she doesn't seem to be itching. She has a cage mate and...