scared new piggy

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    trying to get my girls used to lap time (both 4 months old, i’ve had them for a few weeks). i wanted to see if anyone knew how to interpret her body language. does she look terrified or atleast a little calm? also my other piggie doesn’t seem to like lap time much, she just sits frozen and...
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    Very nervous new pigs!

    Hi new time pig owner here! I adopted a pair of 12 week old boys last week. I have read so many taming techniques, all say to start with offering them food in their hide and move your hand away and they will eat it, then move on from there…. Mine just sit terrified at the back of the hide and...
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    Help! I’m a new Mum

    My dear little Daisy (7 weeks) and half sister Delilah (11 weeks) were adopted by me very recently. I know it is natural for them to be terrified by this giant who feeds, cleans etc for them. I’d really like to get it right. I left them alone for the first 48 hours. Since then, due to an...