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  1. Chancey


    Hi there! I wasn't sure where to put this in so I apologise! I currently have 5 sows but we've fallen for two boars that we've come across. I'm from Scotland, Fife and I'm not too sure about an exotic vet that is experienced with neutering as it's something I'd like to consider if I do bring...
  2. Liv

    Good Guinea Pig Vet In Dundee?

    Hi guys, I live in Dundee, Scotland, with two freshly adopted male baby guinea pigs and am hoping someone can recommend an experienced guinea pig vet nearby. I don't have a car so public transport accessibility is a must (ideally in Dundee)! Tried the Vet Locator (great tool!) but sadly found no...
  3. Linzi Flower

    Old But New Guinea Pig Owner

    HI lovelies! I had guinea pigs when I was a child 2 beautiful short hair girlies called Nibbles and Bubbles. Unfortunately Bubbles died suddenly with no actual cause of death aged about 3 and Nibbles died not long after with a respiratory problem. Now about 10/11 years later I have a...