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  1. Mrs Guinea Pig

    Female Cyclic Problem - Piggy Poops Getting Stuck And Jaw Trouble

    Hi there. Frankie is a sow who is about 2. We've spent over £1000 on different vets for her, including exotic specialists and they don't have a clue. She was a rescue pig and when we got nearly two years ago she was very small and had little hard poops. we were told she was the runt of a litter...
  2. L

    Guinea Pig Has Scurvey?

    I took my Guinea pig to the vet about a week or two ago and the vet said my Guinea pig was fine. Though my Guinea pig is balding on either side of her body, less active and is coughing,sneezing and making a strange wheezing sound when she tries to squeak(the coughing sneezing wheezing is off and...