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sebaceous cyst

  1. L

    Cleaning Out a Sebaceous Cyst

    Hi all, My 6 year old guinea pig Luna has had a lump under her chin for around 2 years. It was completely stable and never grew however over a week it double in size and became scabby on the top. I took her to the vet who prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and told me to keep it...
  2. AdamFrench

    Post Op Advice

    Hi, our 18 month old sow had surgery 41 hours ago to remove a mammary cyst and nipple, and a sebaceous cyst from her rump. Each has produced a 50mm stitched wound, knitted with dissolvable stitches. She's still a lot less active but is eating hay and veggies from my hand and some on her own and...
  3. kerry

    Lets Talk Sebaceous Cysts (yuck!)

    Hi all, Just been trailing through the threads that contain sebaceous cysts and there seems to be a lot of them, poor pigs! One of my rescued pigs had a sebaceous cyst behind her left shoulder, it is about the size of a 50p on the surface but you can feel a huge ball under the skin. I took her...