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  1. PiggiesAndPaws

    Aftercare for a Guinea Pig After a Stroke - Part 1

    A couple of weeks ago my guinea pig suffered from a stroke. There was no particular reason or cause it just happened out of nowhere. He is getting older now and he's approaching 3 years old so his age could be the reason. I wasn't there to witness his stroke but there are a few easy symptoms to...
  2. A

    Help My Guinea Pig Is Having Seizures

    My guinea pig was ill 4 days back, he suddenly stopped eating and moving therefore we force fed him. He recovered very well and even was playing around. Yesterday suddenly he stopped using his fore limbs, to which the vet thought was just a sprain He was eating well but dragging his body. Today...
  3. Bunnyblasttt

    Wobbly/floppy Guinea Pigs -died-

    Sorry for a messy post I'm posting this from the mobile site. Basically I went out to feed my pigs yesterday evening and immediately saw that there was something seriously wrong with Joshie (Male,2 years old), wrong to the point of me automatically bursting into tears and saying he was dying. He...
  4. Piggy mum


    Hi all I noticed my one year old pig today had a random head tilt today and was standing very still, the other two pigs were around him squealing? He ran off to hide in a hidey and his head was still tilted to the side with a slight twitch. They all have fresh vegetables and hay daily and this...
  5. K

    Help Asap - Seizures

    I received two guinea pigs from my ex-boyfriends brother because they were neglected and they have been in a loving home since, but Charlie has been acting very strange and i'm extremely worried. I haven't been able to find anything online about it and I won't have money to take him to the vet...