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  1. moodysuzy

    Prawn having seizures

    Before anything else, I want to say that we are seeing an exotic vet tomorrow morning so please don’t be concerned that we aren’t seeking proper veterinary care. Prawn is nearly 4 years old and has had infrequent seizures for about 3 years. The first seizure we took him to our local vet and...
  2. Jenny-Lou

    Elderly Piggie,rigid seizures and skin complaints

    Hi everyone! I'm to posting so I hope I'm doing this right! I have a 7 year old piggie who I suspected had mites as her skin was scaly, and she was itching. We have been given a course of invermectin by the vet which she had about 4 days ago but she seems much the same in terms of skin...
  3. Charlottibiscot

    Guinea pigs eyes rolled to back of head?

    So I own two female guinea pigs, and my Abyssinian, who is 6 in May, displayed some concerning behaviour today. She was layed down comfortably next to my other piggy, when suddenly she let out an annoyed squeak. I rushed over to check on her and saw that whilst she looked asleep, her eyes were...