1. M

    2 old pigs with ovarian cysts

    I have a 6.5 year old and a 5 year old guinea pig. They have both had bladder issues since I got them. They both have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts. The exotic vet I saw for surgery consultation in Feb 2020 said that he didn't think they would survive the anesthesia and advised against...
  2. C

    Breathing problems

    Hi all. In the past i have came on this forum looking for ways to help my guinea pig with her breathing problems. I have went to the vet twice now for that issue and have not found a straight answer about it, but considering she was happy, healthy, and eating just fine- we decided it was best to...
  3. C

    Senior cavy and floor time

    Hello! I'm feeling a bit stuck with my 5 year old guinea pig penny. Shes in her senior years and in the past year she slowly began to dislike floor time more and more. I used to take her out, set up a bunch of two ended hides in her play pen, and place different veggies all over for her to go and...
  4. Pearl and Zip


    Is she okay? Her weight went from 1126g to 1151g in one day. She has weighed this weight before, so the weight should be normal for her, I’m just worried about the sudden change. She is four years and four months. Her fur is slightly fluffed sometimes. She is reaaaally fat. She’s kind of...