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  1. may_haines

    Abscess advice needed!

    My little piggy, Bing-Bong has just turned 2 and has an abscess on his lower back, diagnosed by vet. They drained it and sent me home with pain killers and directions to clean it with saline twice a day, and flush it with a syringe where I can. Last night I managed to properly flush it and this...
  2. L

    URGENT. Please advise on 6 week old baby piggy MEDICAL.

    Hello, Today my 6 week old guinea pig suddenly started limping in morning front left foot. We went to the vet and they said XRAY shows the humerus and long bones are good, but hard to see the wrist bones, likely a sprain, (gave Gabapentin) and small cage rest separate from his 2 brothers (6...
  3. C

    Need a bit of help..please

    Hello! I had two lovely guineas, adopted together as babies. They were males. Sadly a couple of weeks ago, one died from a seizure at 7 months old. These were my first 2 guineas ever and I'm still processing as he was just so lovely and they are very much part of the family. He was also the...
  4. Diana85

    Plucking Cagemates' hairs

    I own 2 females and have always lived together since i got them 3 years ago, recently Piggy had to have surgery to remove a sebaceous cyst just under her ear, following the surgery she developed a UTI so was on antibiotics, both of those things really impacted her so she was pretty much not...
  5. Storm9

    Two separate boats question

    My two boats have recently stated to fight so for their safety I have chosen to separate them. I am having to place their cages side by side because et hey don’t fight out if the cage. What size cage would you recommend for each individual male?
  6. Y

    3 boars - 10 months of fall outs HELP!

    This is a long story so I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible... I have 3 boars, one who is ~3 1/2 years old (Garf) and two others who are 1 3/4 years old (Ozzy and Ted). Originally Garf lived with another guinea pig who sadly died, so I got Ozzy and Ted to keep him company (this was about 1...
  7. J

    Two three month old boars fighting

    We recently bought 2 brother guinea-pigs. After having 3 sets of female guinea pigs who all lived happy long lives we thought males would be much the same and easy going... However, they started scrapping about 3 weeks ago and it progressively got worse resulting in one now missing half of his...
  8. Madi

    Need a New Cage Idea

    I have 3 brother Guinea pigs Ed, Al, and Mustang. About a month ago unfortunately I had to separate Ed from his brothers because they were picking on him and ended up sadly drawing blood :(. We have the C&C cage right now, the cage is split down the middle so that they can still see each other...
  9. H

    Fighting Guinea Pigs Want To Be With Eachother After Separating

    my 2 boys have been going through piggy puberty. I have a girlie at age 6 months and has been put away from the boys as I’ve been told to do so. My two boys will constantly chase, chutter and fight when in the cage together, but if I’ve separated the cage they desperately try to get to...
  10. Jesse's pigs

    1 To 2

    Right I've finally done it! Mo has a friend which he is currently getting acquainted to. (Mo has never looked soooo huge!) Okay so he seemed a little shocked at first and a bit jumpy. Then I got a little worried cos he kept nibbling the little ones fur and ears - one of which he caught and...
  11. G

    Boars Fighting, But Anxious When Separated?

    Hi! I have two boars, they are brothers and I adopted them when they were likely a year old. I've had them since January, and when I adopted them I was told that they occasionally get into little tiffs but nothing to worry about. Lately they've been fighting a LOT. At least two or three times a...