seperated boars

  1. K

    Should I seperate my two boats so close to getting them

    Yesterday I purchased two males from a farm that, due to covid had to find new homes for their huge herd. I've been told both guinea pig are around 5 months although Elvis is significantly larger than Bob. Although they both seemed to be living harmoniously since we got them home, once they were...
  2. S

    Splitting my boars up :(

    Hey guys ! we recently how to take our slightly younger pig around 6 months to vet as he was limping ! So he was on medicine for a week and we was told to separate him from our slightly older 8 montj old male guinea pig ! They was in the same cage but had a divider so they could still see each...
  3. B

    Constant Mounting! Is This Normal?

    My 2.5 year old boar Harry is recently bereaved so I got him a new male friend, Tufty, who the lady at the adoption centre reckoned is about 1.5- 2 years old. I did the introductions 2 weeks ago and after Tufty spent a full evening showing his dominance by mounting Harry incessantly, they...
  4. S

    Bonding Gone Bad

    Last month I got my first piggy Norman, I was so excited. Never before had I owned a piggy and I quickly learned all I could thru online forms and groups. I soon learned he needed a cage mate and after getting a Midwest cage I searched and found the perfect match a american I named William...
  5. S

    Can Three Neutered Boars Live Together?

    Hi So I have three boars (I know ill advised but I adopted them from my sister who didn’t do much research on guinea pigs). I’ve has them for three years and all has been fine- Jack is the dominant one and the other two were fairly ok with that. But as of last week, Spike and Jack have really...
  6. catcrunchies

    Single Boar Behaviour Problems

    Just asking for some other opinions and advice on this one! I had to split up two of my boys after finding very nasty bites on both of them. Because of the set-up we have, they're now living on top of each other and next door to our other two so they can chat. The problem is that they're both...