1. EJMA82


    Hi all, not posted for a while. When I got up this morning, my 4 year old male Snowy seemed quiet and looked quite puffed up. Got him out and noticed he had a quite crusty eye and slightly snotty nose. Taken him to the vet who prescribed 0.8ml baytril for 5 days as he was a little crackly. His...
  2. Louiseb11

    Non Stop Humping

    Hi everyone, really hope someone can give me some advice. I have 2 boars both 9 months old, Ron and Draco. They have lived together since they were 14 weeks old and I have up to now had no problems at all. Draco has always been the bigger and more dominant pig and has on occassion humped...
  3. 2

    Keeping A Mom And Baby Together?

    I adopted a mom and a baby from the Animal Humane Society. The mum is 1 year old, and the baby is around 4 weeks. The mother has been rumble strutting, which is normal... but today, she has been seemingly ATTACKING her baby! The baby gives out these horrible shrills, so I usually take her out to...