sewing beds

  1. Dystopoly

    Patterns for Beds/Hideys/Cozies?

    I’ve been gathering excess fabric and uhaul pads as I have extra after sewing my cage liners - and I’ve been wanting to make extra accessories with it, but I don’t have too much experience sewing to be able to make it freehand. Does anyone have any patterns or guides for sewing little...
  2. Swissgreys

    How to sew a 'Ruby Hammock'

    To make a Ruby* Hammock you will need; 2 pieces of fleece 27cm x 34cm 1 piece of fleece 16x 32cm 4 ribbons/ties 30cm long Place 1 piece 27x34 fleece right side up. Lay 16x32cm piece along the long side. Fold ribbons/ties in half and place 1 in each corner. Place remaining 27x34cm piece...