1. Y

    Too loud?

    My two little piggies live indoors. They live in a seperate room from anything else in the house. There room has a stable roof made out of polystyrene and some wooden beams- sorry I'm guessing- to support it. They have normal walls made out of brick, but are also covered in polystyrene. Today...
  2. C

    Shaking Piggie.. Need Advice

    Hi everyone. I have three guinea pigs: Zeus, Apollo, and Triton. Zeus and Apollo are both roughly 6 month old Teddy piggies. My youngest (who is kept separately from the other two) is a very young guinea pig. He was gift and I am unsure of the breed and exact age, but I know he is very young -...
  3. E

    Please Help Me Help Her!

    Hi, my name is Emily. A few months ago, I fell in love with a guinea pig at a pet store. I didn't get her then, but about a month later I went back to get bedding or something and she was still there. Long story short, I got her and love her so very very much. I have never had guinea pigs...
  4. Rockafella

    Help! Random Seizing And Weakness!

    Hello I apologize if there are any errors in my spelling but I typed this out in a panic. This is very much my fault but now I need to know what I can do to help my piggy. Artie is two years old and has always been in good health. I have been struggling with money and this week I was unable to...
  5. M

    My Guinea Pig Is Shaking And I Don't Know Why

    I went on a week long trip with half of my family to New York. I had my sister who stayed home look after my two guinea pigs. When I came home and checked on my guinea pigs I noticed that they weren't sqeaking or saying anything like they usually do when I come into the room. Still, I gave them...