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  1. GeePeeMama

    Here's my furry friends, share yours : )

    1st image is our sweetie Chip, took him outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. 2nd image are the OG GP's Cheesecake and Lemon, Cheesecake is the one facing away from the camera. The 3rd is our 5 year old dog Carrie, she'll be 6 in April. Last image is Lemon again. Don't have a pic of our GP...
  2. court29x

    Share your fave photos of your piggies! Piggy butts, chookens and all!

    I love seeing piggy photos especially to cheer me up when I'm a bit down like tonight! GET POSTING YOUR ADORABLE FUR BABIES :luv:
  3. Lil3piggies

    Share Your Hutches Indoor And Outdoor!

    Hey guys! I’d love to see everyone’s set ups especially hutches as that’s what I have at the moment! I love seeing everyone’s! And also I’d like to see what substrate people use as I can’t decide what I should change to once woodshavings have ran out! :D
  4. Guinea Days

    What Unusual Food Does Your Guinea Pig Like To Eat?

    our guinea pigs don't like much unusual food... I gues we would never dare to try to give them some :tu: tell us what your piggys like (which is ok for them to eat) and we can try it. share with each othen and maby you could fine a new treat your piggys would like x :love: please...