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  1. T

    Fleece bedding vs Shavings?

    Hi My boyfriend and I have been thinking about getting guinea pigs as a friend has them and we just fell in love. We've been doing lots of research and asking our friend for advice. Our friend uses shavings for her three piggies, and we were going to do the same until, during some online...
  2. Siikibam

    Aubiose And Megazorb, Or Softchip

    Ive had to move back to disposable bedding as the fleece was just creating too much work for me. I put them on shavings but when they have a run round it goes everywhere outside the cage. So I’m looking into megazorb or aubiose. Is aubiose really that sharp? I’ve read people put hay on top of...
  3. K

    Guinea Pig Bedding..

    this is a bit of a weird one.. so because of the cold weather I’ve been using more shavings and sawdust to keep my piggies warm.. but I end up with so many bags of waste but not enough bin space and it seems such a waste.. what does everyone else do with the rubbish when they change the piggies...
  4. bumbling-bambi

    Can Anyone Help Me Choose A Good Bedding For My Boys?

    So my two boars are currently on a fine grade heavily dust extracted wood shaving - i've always used this mostly because i had a horse that was allergic to dust of pretty much any sort and always had it lying around. I'd asked my vet in the past if it would be ok and because it was totally dust...
  5. kitkat1

    Any Tips For Using Paper And Aspen Bedding?

    Hi all- So I am currently using paper and aspen bedding for my piggies' cage with absorbent dog pads underneath. The only problem is that they toilet EVERYWHERE, to the point where it leaks through the bedding! :yikes: The idea of using fleece just doesn't appeal to me, even though I heard...