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should i go to the vets

  1. A

    Doxycycline (How long before piggy stops squeaking while peeing UTI)

    Hello! My Guinea pig, Honey, has had a few UTI’s. The first two times, doxycycline stopped the infection. After hearing her squeak while going to the bathroom, I started using a doxycycline bottle (stored properly) from the vet prescribed a few months ago that isn’t expired. However, after a...
  2. B

    Blind Pig?

    I think my guinea pig may be blind? I don't know for sure yet but usually whenever I try giving her food she doesn't notice it's in front of her unless I bump her with it or she's face to face with the food, she sometimes doesn't realize I'm in front of her unless my hand or finger is in front...
  3. Megannah

    Crusty Fur Above Nose

    My piggie Marshall has got a bit of crusty fur above his nose and seems to be sneezing a lot, when I listen to his breathing he does seem a bit wheezy, should I be worried and take him to a vet ? Or is it fine ? I'm quite new to this as I've only had my two boys a year today and they have never...