shy guinea pig

  1. S

    very shy baby girl

    about 3 days ago i got two 3 week old girls, alby and birch. alby is getting on really well and even eats out of my hand occasionally but birch is extremely shy and i'm worried i might have really scared her by trying to pick her up :( any advice or consolation would be very much appreciated as...
  2. Jasmined

    Super timid girl to big brave piggie

    Has any one ever had a really timid guinea pig suddenly get really brave? I have a relatively young sow who was THE most timid pig I’ve ever come across, I did my best to make her comfortable with people, other GPs, noises whatever (she was scared of everything haha) and she didn’t show very...
  3. H

    Shy Guinea Pigs

    Hi, We've had our guinea pigs for 1 and a half days, and they seem to be settling in well. Yesterday they were too scared to even leave their travel box, but now they're exploring a bit and coming out. However cookie who is noticably the shyer pig of the two is not as confident. She hides behind...
  4. Eeva

    Shy Piggy

    I have had my guinea pig law for 14 days now got him at my job when i noticed he was not moving from the corner hiding under the hay he was being stepped on by other guinea pigs and today i got him some meds for ringworm and to help gain weight i didnt notice the ringworm till today because he...
  5. C

    Piggies Prefer Small Cage

    hello, I’ve got my first piggies after wanting them for years so I want to do everything right. They are only babies at the moment so my plan is one the weather is warmer to put them outside and they can have their hutch out onto the grass but for now they are inside . They have a cage and an...
  6. Raefire

    Very Shy Guinea Pig

    I've had my 2 Guinea Pigs, Mocha and Coco for a while now and Mocha is just fine with me being around. She lets me pick her up and pet her and things like that. However, Coco is still extremely shy. I do understand that when you first get your Guinea Pigs, they'll be shy and it may take some...