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  1. Shelli1016


    Hey there! Not knowing how many guinea pigs are rehomed in the world, we regrettably went to a big box store & adopted a sow. A week later she had 2 babies! 🙄 My son at this point named both babies & the whole family fell in love w/them. The store was helpful, apologetic & gave us free food &...
  2. Nickypig88

    Any help appreciated

    About 10 months ago I adopted 2 guinea pigs who were no longer wanted (can you believe!). I’ve had cavies before, but only sows. The pair I rescued were apparently sows but roll on a few months and 2 pups were born. It turns out I had a sow and a boar, the pups were also a sow and a boar. To...
  3. LothianCavies

    Boar help!

    Hello, we are new guinea pig owners. After thinking about getting cavies for years I saw someone in our village had babies that required urgent homes due to them moving. I did a bad thing - I acted on impulse and said we would take them. However, when they dropped them off they gave us three...
  4. deck1701

    Guinea Pig Siblings

    Not really sure where to post this topic so I listed it under Guinea Pig Care. I know this is a massive long shot but I have two male Guinea pigs that I rescued when they were only 6 months old I have had them for nearly 4 years now and I always wondered if they were siblings or not. Jerry is an...