1. cocoandbean

    Is my guinea pick sick?

    Hi everyone! Pls help me I don’t know what to do! I have two guinea pigs, Coco and Bean. About a month or 2 ago, Coco started making these sort of “clicking” sounds. They don’t happen all day but he seems to have “episodes” where he will make the noise for like 10 minutes straight, most of the...
  2. Mistymoutainfairy

    Choked on her hay?~

    Hello i am super new to this forum. A very sad thing happened this morning. I have a routine with my pigs. I wake up, use the restroom, then turn on the light in the living room where they are located. as i soon as i do that i say "good morning girls" and by then they are both normally wicking...
  3. samji

    Bloat in two guinea pigs?

    Here are my earlier posts No poops (but eating, drinking..) Good news is, since getting Jack a friend (Leo) through speed dating, he has vastly improved. Exotic vet didn't think it was anything contagious. However, Leo has now got bloat and isn't pooing, loss of appetite, not himself. Leo...
  4. Spikeandash

    Bump on My Guinea Pig's Lower Back

    Hello Just a couple of weeks ago I realized my guinea pig Spike had a small bald spot on his lower back, and I didn't think it was serious and thought he had had some fur pulled out. But just now, when I was trimming his fur (he's an abyssinian, but he has really long fur on his bum), I realized...