1. M

    What too look out for

    Hi.. I posted last week talking about how one of my brand New Guinea pigs I had for a day ( at that point) had suddenly passed away. We found out that she was unfortunately most likely already poorly when we got her. I know guinea pigs should be in pairs or more so we are getting another piggy...
  2. Kallasia

    Piggy Room Sign! Pics with the pigs!

    So I bought the boys a present to hang on their bedroom door! Look how awesome this sign from Guinea Pig Wheekly is! :D "Is that me, mummy?" Look at that cheeky grin on Binky's face! I so want to get the other sign Guinea Pig Wheekly makes too!
  3. Sam Kitcher

    Guinea Pig Boars Fighting Over Dominance

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on the forums and I have a problem as well as a question that I cannot find an answer to anywhere. I have four guinea pigs and they are all males. My friend (the owner of my pigs' parent pigs) assured me that they should get on fine as they are all brothers...