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  1. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Snail Antics!

    I swear my snails are brainless! I got a little reptile coconut house for when they were small, they're still using it even if they can't fit! They are BOTH in there and can't get out. HOW DO THEY KEEP GETTING IN BUT CAN'T DIG OUT?! :)) :)) I had to rescue Dolohov because he was trying...
  2. Keiko The Pig

    My Guinea Pig Thinks He's A Dog

    Hi there, just wondering if any other piggy owners have experienced dog behaviour from their pigs! My boy plays tug of war with his chew sticks, and also chases them around! Though maybe that behaviour is more cat like, as he doesn't fetch! Just tries to catch it as I drag it along in front of him!
  3. Beans&Toast

    Beans Won't Share...

    So I've used a box to make a little hay house and Beans likes it so much she won't let poor Toasty in...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Find Beans

    So I was going to feed the piggies, and noticed that I could only see Toast sitting in the loft, I looked for Beans but couldn't see her. I instantly thought maybe she had escaped, then I looked back in the loft and noticed something sticking out of the hay at the back... Beans likes to...
  5. DonPigul

    Guinea Pig - Peek A Boo!

    My Guinea Pig plays peekaboo with cam :)