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skiddish piggies

  1. ianarmstrong

    Skiddish long haired guinea trimming and hair care

    Hi we got a new member in our family he's a long haired guinea and I know I have to trim and care for his hair but hes very scared of all that stuff so I've been scared to trim him I don't want to cut him by accident any tips would be very helpful!
  2. SAH

    Therapy Animal Question

    I need help on picking which of my guinea pigs to be my emotional support animal. An emotional support animal basically means I can bring the animal places where normally animals are not allowed, like school, in order to help with my anxiety. However, I am conflicted on which of my two guinea...
  3. M

    Hates Being Picked Up - Tips?

    I have had my male guinea pig, Henry, since April and he is all I have. I can pet him in his cage with no problem at all, he actually quite likes that, and does not run away or become too skittish while he's in the cage - he actually rarely goes inside his house, he prefers to sleep right...
  4. K

    Help New Piggie Owner!

    Ok! so i have two new piggies. got one a week ago and added his little brother 2 days ago.Their names are Darryl and Rick, like from the walking dead :) they are extremely skiddish. I built them a big c&c cage to which they love! they eat and run around all night and i guess day too but I'm not...