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skin problems

  1. P

    Dry flaking skin, scabs and black lumps

    Today I noticed my 3 year old boar has very sore-looking skin on the lower half of his back. It's scabby and flaking, and there are moderately sized black lumps all down his spine, at least 5 of them. I don't know how I missed this, I had him out just the other day to cut his nails. His...
  2. N

    Need Help Identifying Cause of Grooming Leading to Hair Loss/Bald Spot

    Hello! I wanted to get some ideas and advice on how to handle a new development with 2 of our 3 young boars (9 mos and over 1 year old). I've noticed the youngest one, Nugget, grooming the oldest one, Chip, more and more lately, but today I noticed something looked off about Chip's bum... After...
  3. RJade

    Skin Trouble Again

    I can honestly not tell you how much trouble I've had with two of my guinea pigs and their skin. I'm. It exactly sure what it is this time because it's occurred in 2 guinea pigs that don't live together, but they have the same symptoms. Dry, irritated skin and thinning hair. These two pigs must...
  4. M

    Help Please ! Skin Problem?

    Greetings, I just made this account to seek advice, you see, I just realized one of my sow keep scratching more often than her pal and I am dead worried, so today I just checked her and realized there were scabs on her ears and at her skin at the rear end and I have no idea what it is or how it...
  5. Celine298

    Itchy Pig

    Hi guys! A while ago I posted a thread here about my boy Sunny. He had a fungal infection in his skin but has since been treated and given the all clear by the vet. He was also checked for mange mites and given the all clear. This was a few months ago and he's still quite itchy. He's and Abby...
  6. Natwee88

    Possible Fungal Or Mite Infection?

    I've had my two girls since mid-June from a very reputable rescue. From the first week I've had them I noticed that Flick (white & cream, long haired) was scratching herself quite a lot, was molting and had dandruff. Flick also squeals quite loudly when picked up and doesn't seem to like being...
  7. A

    Guinea Pig Skin Problems

    Hello everybody, Can someone help me identifying skin problem my guinea pig has got? I have searched internet images with various skin disorders, but cannot find anything similar to this. This is a magnified image. Thank you very much for a support Alex
  8. Celine298

    Skin Problems

    Hey all, I was reading through some of your post and saw that Texels are prone to fungal infections, would Abyssinians be prone as well? When I picked my little guy up from the pet shop, he had a bite mark just over his left ear. The lady in the shop said the other pigs had bullied him because...
  9. Beans&Toast

    What's Wrong With Toast's Foot?

    I've just picked up Toast and felt something on her foot. At first I thought it was a bit of poo stuck to her paw pad so I tried to flick it off, but it's actually her own skin that's cracked... She didn't seem to be bothered by me touching it or playing with it, she's not walking funny or...
  10. Brad

    Fungal Shampoo

    Hi all Don't know if anyone has used this before but I would recommend it if you ever have issues with fungal problems, also I have found out the vets around by me use it in their clinics and other clinics they have worked in. It's called ANIGENE which is an Anti-Fungal animal shampoo which...
  11. D

    Young Guinea Pig With Skin Problems

    I just got a pretty young guinea pig from a coworker who was trying to get rid of the babies her's had. I don't know too much except what I've been reading online about taking care of them, so I went and took her/him to the vet not a few weeks later. Vet said she/he (couldn't even tell me what...
  12. taroyukiponyo

    Eye Hairloss

    Sooo about a month ago my little Taro was adopted and introduced to yuki who was adopted the day before. Both males establishing dominance was to be expected. They are about 2-3 months old from my predictions. Anyway about a week later my wife and I noticed little Taro had a mini scratch on...
  13. Squeak98

    Itchy Skin

    Hi, I got up this morning to find that my Guinea pig has a rather striking bald patch around her mouth and chin. The skin seems to be flaky with fur falling out in little clumps. She is an extremely old pig (She's eight and a half!) And not surprisingly in her old age she has encountered...