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skinny guinea pigs

  1. K

    skinny pig w swollen skin around penis

    hello, my skinny guinea pig dorian has a very visible swollen skin around where his penis would peek out (photo). he's eating well, doesn't show any signs of pain even when i touch it. however it looks inflamed(?), red and quite concerning. what do i do? unfortunately i don't want to rush him to...
  2. B

    Skinny pig- Skin concern

    Hello all, I’m reaching out to get some thoughts on my skinny pigs skin. I am wondering if this just a dry patch, fungal or potentially ringworm?
  3. C

    Bone like bump on jaw

    Hi I wanted to see if anyone dealt with anything like this. I have a 1 month old skinny pig & i just noticed a hard bump on his jaw that almost feels like a bone / marble like I took him to the vet she said to monitor it and if it gets bigger it might be a abscess & she will numb the area &...
  4. B

    Fighting and separation anxiety?

    Hello, I have been trying to find a friend for my male (~2.5 year old) piggie, Casper. I found a sweet/troublemaker skinny pig and they did fairly well with introductions at the shelter, so we decided to try a foster-to-adopt. I started slow, switching dishes and hideouts then put them together...
  5. Jesse's pigs

    Werewolf piggies

    Any werewolf pig owners on here? Done a little research as to how they differ from skinnies/piggies just keen to see how everyone’s has matured as I know some lose hair and some keep it. had someone enquire as to whether I would rehome one so just interested to see.
  6. C

    Bites or skin condition (skinny pig)

    Our skinny pig has some sortve bite or skin thingy on it. Does occasionally show agression towards other pigs but only dominance. Not sure if its a bite or something else. Also has dry skin patches. Anyone seen anything like this before? On her neck and bum seen in the link. The dry patches come...
  7. Tlong

    Skinny Pig Bathing

    Hi there, I have a 6mos old male skinny pig and wanted to ask about bathing. My boy gets pretty dusty at times not to mention he likes to pee where he sleeps even though I change his fleece out daily! I just have read a couple of different approaches to bathing them or suggestions to not bathe...
  8. K

    9 week old skinny pigs poop question

    Hey! So 2 days ago I got 2 skinny pigs and I’m struggling a bit with them and struggling to find information online about them... When they came here their poo was softer than it should be but I’ve minimised watery veg and it seems to have helped... however, they are both still getting...
  9. Laaaauren

    My Guinea Is Getting Skinny

    Hello everyone, first time user here! I adopted two beautiful boys called Storm and Pebbles about a year ago from a rescue centre. We did our research on the rescue and all the reviews were incredibly positive. We don’t know much about where our piggies came from before, only that they were...
  10. S

    New bumps on skin?

    Hi there- My skinny pig, Mickey, recently showed two hard bumps on her skin. The one on her side is much harder and neither of them appear to bother her when touched, rubbed or poked. She hasn't been chewing that area and she has been eating, playing, drinking as per usual. She has a cage mate...
  11. B

    Very worried about Penny

    For a couple of years she has had quite a big cyst on her side, we took her to the vet and the vet said she would be fine. It flared up really bad last week so we took her to the vet and the vet said the surgery would be extremely risky for her so we decided to leave it, today I noticed her...
  12. B

    Sneezing and slight cough. What is it?

    Hello, I recently got two new skinny pigs about a week ago Char(Charcoal) and Scotch. When I first got them I heard small sneezing noises and was highly concerned. I contacted the local pet store where I received them (private owned pet store). The pet store held onto them for a few days and...
  13. Barnyard Boars

    Sick Skinnie Needing Advice Asap

    Hello, I'm new to owning piggies and have 2 right now. I have a skinnie named Melvin and a guinea pig named Harvey... I got Melvin close to a year ago, and felt he was lonely and needed a pal so I got Harvey, Harvey has been around probably close to half a year and is still coming around to...
  14. C

    Sick Guinea Pig, Skinny And Chewing On Her Legs

    Hi I'm Chloe, I have a female who I think is between 3 and 4 years old. She has always been a smaller guinea pig, but recently she has been getting smaller and bonier, I am trying to not take her to the vet, because my parents are very against it, but if I really need to, I could convince them...