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  1. B


    So my guinea pig Lucy is about 5 and a half almost 6 years old. Shes recently lost quite a bit of weight. You can feel all her bones and shes really light and its quite worry some. Shes eating fine and has a good appetite. She doesnt seem to be acting any diffrent either. I dont know what the...
  2. meggles1410

    Very Poorly Pig With Major Weight Loss! Need Info

    hi there! My Maisie has been refusing to eat and drink since last night and haslost far too much weight (she has a chubby belly but can feel ribs etc) and is over all very lethargic! She has made it through the night but vet is stumped and has told me to syringe mushed up pellets and water and...
  3. Chloe131

    Emergency Overgrown Back Teeth Are Making My Piggy Poorly!

    Hi, I need some advice on what I can do to healthily fatten up my piggy? She has been steadily loosing weight for just under 3 months and despite taking her to 2 different vets 4 times they have yet to say what is wrong with her and don't even seem worried! But I know its her back teeth and she...