1. cloudsheep

    Nail Trimming Advice

    about two weeks ago, two lovely piggies were rehomed to me. the lady had to give them up because one of her children turned out to be allergic to them. they came to me in a smallish cage that i quickly upgraded to a midwest plus cage. the piggies are adorable, but they're extremely skittish. i'm...
  2. H

    Cagey in the cage advice

    Hi, I have 2 male guinea pigs aged about 9 months. I got them from a private seller as a Xmas gift from Santa. They were the sellers first litter, she had sold them to a friend but they were returned, so I bought them. Anyway, they live in my living room so that they are not spooked by our...
  3. Welpo

    my boy is stinky (he literally smells like poo) and needs a bath. How should I go about this?

    As in depth as possible, what's the best way to bathe a skittish guinea pig? Malcolm's a boar and he hasn't had a bath since he's been staying with me (his previous owner did a bath once a month). He smells like poo and I wanna hold/cuddle him without having to pull my face away all the time...
  4. C

    Is He Okay?

    Hey, SO I was here around a month against with concerns over my new Guinea pigs, Trevor, behaviour. He bites at the bars a lot, which has made neighbours complain and now we're moving him into a 6 foot long, foot 1/2 wide "fish tank" with an open top. He's very very skittish even though I've...
  5. ChloeCee98

    Vet Give Me This Leaflet ?

    Has anyone used pet remedy before ? My vet reccomended it for Noodle to aid in getting her comfortable with lap time and going in the run. I'm not to sure about it tho :/ but if anyone has used it and it works I will give it a try! Noodle rarely gets handled because she's so scared and gets...