small poo

  1. Fiona1987

    Guinea pig not eating

    Hello everyone, I’m wondering if I can get some advice or previous experience so I can help my little pig as I’m so uncertain what’s the best thing to do. I noticed my male guinea (3 1/2 years) eating and drinking less last Saturday afternoon. I decided to keep an eye on him for the rest of...
  2. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    **Tiny poops (1/5 size as usual)**

    I am going to get the girls into an exotic vet tomorrow asap (it's about 1am here), but in the meantime I need some advice! I'm getting so worried I'm wondering if I should stay up all night with them. Tonight I realised that my girl Lup has been doing poops all day that are tiny, about 1/4 or...